Monday, 26 September 2011

showcard prints

One of the very first dies I ordered (fours years ago) was from Owosso Grpahics. I made the mistake of thinking that I'd actually get some kind of impression on my cardstock with this image in my Adana. Though I did get the image to transfer to the cardstock, the surface area was just to large for the 8x5" press to give any kind of bite.

But, the other night I realized that the size of this die was perfect for experimenting with on the Showcard. It was wide enough for my brayer to comfortably roll over with two colours. Still not a leap in the impression department but I wasn't aiming for that. This is just another reason why I love the Showcard, it lets me play with multiple colours at a time.

I call these prints Pink Sunrise, Orange Sunset.


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