Tuesday, 27 September 2011

ask and you will receive

UPDATE: 3:29pm Nicely done, folks! And the prints have been grabbed up :) Snail mail from S+T coming to a postbox near you soon!

I've got all these geisha prints and am in the mood to write and post!

The first 8 folks who fancy themselves a handwritten note on one of my latest Showcard prints should:

1. Send me an email at snapandtumble[at]gmail[dot]com with their complete mailing address and...
2. ...in your email, ask me a question or two (or three) to which I'll respond to in my note. Questions could be studio-related, print-related, weather-related, anything!

I'll update this post when the first 8 (who've sent me the above information) have claimed a print. Only one print per person please :)

Easy peasy.


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