Wednesday, 3 August 2011

thrifting for baby

My second-hand-store adventures have turned into searching for treasures for the baby. While there are some things that I prefer to get brand new (a car seat for instance), I don't mind getting gently used gems for the baby. It's a personal choice I guess, but you'd be surprised at what you can score at the thrift shop. I was happy to find some unused clothes for newborns, and I mean, never ever used with original price tags on them! The deals are great, so it's easy to accumulate alot of things. I'm just being very selective about what I bring home.

Above are photos of what I know will be just the beginning of things to come :)

Reversible light cotton jacket: $1.49
Brand new onesie: $0.99
Jacadi suede booties: $2.99
Wooden toy train: $0.25
Children's book: $0.25

What's not to love about that? This little guy is going to be one thrifty baby :)


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