Sunday, 21 August 2011

betty & bing letterpress print shop

I had the pleasure of meeting Micheline Courtemanche of Betty & Bing Letterpress Print Shop last year when she visited Toronto (her former place of residence) from Nova Scotia. She got a glimpse of my home-based studio during one of my workshops and it was so nice to talk to a kindred spirit who's as passionate about letterpress as I am. Micheline's work is impeccable. The level of detail, thought and patience that goes into her craft is outstanding. Just take a look at the printed piece above. When illustrator Julia Breckenreid (also a past workshop participant) handed me her business card, I dropped my jaw and said, "Shut up". I'll leave it to you to count how many press runs that single card underwent.

Here is the best part: you can meet Micheline too if you're in Toronto on August 31st at Nook Creative in Kensington market. She'll be conducting a workshop on Desigining for Letterpress which will focus on the process of letterpress printing and it's glorious capabilities and pitfalls. This is really meaty stuff, folks - a highly recommended workshop if you're thinking about getting work printed or ever wondered how letterpress works or are just getting started in the letterpress printing field.


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