Wednesday, 9 February 2011

scout & catalogue

Photos via Scout & Catalogue

I haven't yet mentioned on this blog how much I love Toronto's own Scout & Catalogue's goods. Bre has a discerning eye for found fabrics, tie dye colour ways and detail. I'm not a wearer of scarves unless it's winter and cold. But Bre's lasso tie dyed scarves and the Nomad scarf, in particular, make me banish all thoughts of winter gear and long for cool spring nights or warm autumn days. I'd rock any of her scarves in a heartbeat.

I have a soft spot for thrift store finds and so love what Bre does with found fabric from her own thrifting adventures. She pairs them up with Italian leather and classy metal zippers to make for some pretty fresh pouches. I want.

Scout & Catalogue blog, shop and website.


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