Monday, 7 February 2011

love & rummage haul

What a weekend filled with good company and handmade craft shopping! The Love & Rummage 3 trunk show hosted by Karyn of The Workroom and The City of Craft was jammed packed with people and handmade wonders. I made it there just as the doors were opening and darted towards Sweetie Pie Press to grab one of her Mini Postal Boards. Becky only had a limited quantity and can be bought in her Etsy shop here. I think these boards are the cleverest things ever. I wasted no time and made my way through the sea of shoppers to Send More Mail's trunk and picked up a pack of vintage stamps before Jaime eventually sold out! Next on my list of handmade goods to get was a silkscreened card from Sandi of Deadweight. Her revised Over the Moon card with the night sky makes it a perfect print for framing. I'm pretty much sweet on anything Sandi makes, just see for yourself here. Lastly, I finally got to meet Geoff and Anabela of Fieldguided after months of following their blog. Though it was a brief hello, it was plain as day that the both of them were the sweetest and kindest of folks who make great goods.


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