Friday 4 February 2011

UPPERCASE magazine Issue 8

Hooray! Uppercase Magazine issue #8 is now available and stacked with beautiful photos, articles and interviews. I've had my copy for about a week now and am just waiting for a quiet moment to take in all of the great stuff that's included in this issue (see Charlotte Rivers' abcedery page for instance).

For my sample, I created 100 postcard-size prints in 3 colours and tucked them inside 100 editioned and printed kraft paper bags. I handset metal and wood type for this project. The postcards were printed on the tabletop Chandler & Price while the paper bags went through the Showcard mini. In addition to the 100 prints, I included 10 7x7 prints for the giveaway that Uppercase will be having for it's subscribers. The 7x7 print was run through the press three times - one for each line, since my Showcard bed wasn't big enough to fit it all.

It was great printing and pulling these samples together. Have a look and marvel at all of the other samples that were included from across the globe!

To get your hands on a copy of issue #8, check out the stockist list.


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