Friday, 18 February 2011

let the sunshine in

What a week. For the past two days Toronto's been experiencing a much needed meltdown (in the best way possible) with temperatures going up to 6 degrees! It's not alot but it's enough to crack open the windows to let some fresh cool air in the studio.

Also this past week was filled with more good things. My oldest, dearest and best friend got engaged on Valentine's day - it's been a long time coming and I'm so excited for her and her fiance.

Yesterday was a visit with Jaime from Send More Mail. As I arrived, a whole whack load of vintage stamps arrived at her door. There were some real beauties in there! Jaime's taking orders if you're interested in some unique packs, like these cute boat stamps. 

I've had a surge of craftiness this week also and signed up for The Duffle Bag class at The Workroom. These bags are going to be so handy to have around.

Today, Margot from Pomegranate Press will be visiting the studio and we're going to chat letterpress and workshops! It's great to get together with other letterpress printers from in and around the city to talk shop. I'm looking forward exchanging stories and ideas.

Remember the little black flags? I've paired them up with a big splash of sunny yellow just because it's been that kind of a week. More on those prints to come!

Happy weekend, all!


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