Thursday, 17 February 2011

snail mail art

Some sweet paper goods trickled through to my mailbox last week. I have to say that a snail-mail-a-day keeps the blues away. Starting at the top is a Valentine note from Amanda and Cree. I don't even want to open it - the blue cardstock and cut out hearts are so darling peeking through the translucent envelope. Next is Jaime's Valentine rubber-stamped card. I love the script and Year of The Rabbit stamp. Thirdly, is set of Rhya's cute mini stationery. Her hand-drawn characters are adorbs. Last but not least, I was lucky enough to receive one of Victoria's chapbooks which includes her pen and ink drawings and an original and lovely poem. I just about died going through this little piece of art.

Don't these just make you want to send some mail?

Thank you ladies, for making my week. Hearts.


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