Thursday, 23 December 2010

Tabletop Letterpress Workshop dates for winter 2011

I'm slowly getting things organized for 2011 and it's exciting to think about the new projects I'll be working on for the new year. I've also sorted out new dates for the Tabletop Letterpress Workshop that will be resuming in January. I've only got one spot left in each of the sessions, so let me know if you're interested in registering as soon as you can!

In these workshops participants will be able to learn about the presses I work with: the Chandler & Price pilot platen, the Adana Eight-Five and the Mini Showcard. Introducing the small flatbed proof press to the workshops is a new addition and I think participants will get a kick out of how handy and satisfying it is to use. With three presses and a maximum of two participants a session, it's a guarantee that the three hours will be filled with your own press time.

The workshops are well into it's second year now. I'm looking forward to meeting new folks and continuing to share my love of print and letterpress.


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