Friday, 10 December 2010

The Christmas cards are starting to roll in. Opening the mailbox these days gives me a daily dose of happy. This vintage holiday card arrived yesterday from Jaime and it's so spot on. Do have a peek at Jaime's new blog dedicated to sending more mail! As well, I'm a fan of Phillipa's blog, The Postmistress. Both are sure to inspire and good timing since December is Write To A Friend month :)

Also for those of you in the Toronto area and still in need of ideas for holiday gifts, hop on over to Anabela's blog Fieldguided, for a curated post by local friends and bloggers. Part I and II is filled with noteworthy items!

Thanks to those who tumbl'd, re-tweeted and blogged about the handmade stationery with eraser stamps. I hope to make more rubber eraser stamp goodness in the new year.

Cheers, everyone - have a good weekend!


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