Tuesday, 7 December 2010

handmade stationery: stamping with erasers

Is it odd that I letterpress print cards but rarely send them out to my own friends and loved ones? I think it has to do with sharing something that's more personal between those that I send mail to, in this case, holiday greetings. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy every moment of printing any and all work for the snap + tumble line. But I usually want to go a step further and make something different for my own personal correspondence.

Last week, I came across a tutorial for creating your own rubber stamps with erasers. I had seen a few DIY's like this tossed around the web for a while now and I only wished that I started experimenting with this earlier because it's so darn fun. That and it's easy to do with simple tools and supplies that you may already have on hand.  I got down to business one afternoon and handmade my holiday stationery with a couple of stamps for the face of the cards and the back of the envelopes. I could've carved and stamped all day long. This is definitely my new favorite thing to do!

Note: this is by no means a substitute for letterpress printing. it's just my way of playing and re-discovering my love of stamping.


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