Friday, 22 October 2010

thrift store finds

I used to go to the thrift store at least once every two weeks. I suppose I just got busy that I never made it back there for at least a few months. Last week I took a trip to the local Salvation Army and it didn't disappoint.

One look at that recipe box on the shelf and it was mine. I like the dark colour of the wood, the illustration and the hand-drawn "Recipe". I'm a sucker for vintage containers.

Enamel kitchen-ware. Love it. White enamel kitchen-ware, love it more. This one looks to be brand new. I'm not sure what I'll use it for. Any suggestions?

The biggest score of that day was the typewriter ribbon. If the 70's packaging hadn't persuaded me, the box full of 8 ribbons did! I've got two typewriters (one from a garage sale and the other from Goodwill) that I hardly use because I'm afraid I'll run out of ribbon. And from what I know, some makes of typewriters can only use a certain type of ribbon spool that will fit it. I took my chance and bought the Olivetti ribbons hoping it'd either fit with my Simpson's or Royal typewriter. Long story short, with little effort, I made it to fit my Royal since the ribbon didn't have a chance with my Simpson's model. Excited am I now that I can write more letters on my typewriter with a good supply of ribbon to last me a while.

Yay for thrift stores!


amanda jane said...

Good finds! I love that 70's packaging!!

Micheline said...

You totally scored.

Samantha Clarke said...

Awesome finds! : )

Chantel I. said...

Wow! Did you ever score! We have a tiny Salvation Army two blocks from our house, and other than a rather fab retro kitchen table I picked up the first time I visited, I've never found anything since. I'm not sure if it's the store (lousy selection) or me (lousy eye for neat things).

Dandelion and Grey said...

What darling finds! I have a Goodwill right around the corner and I have never been! I am officially going this weekend!

cmnb said...

Great finds! You've inspired me to check out our local thrift stores!

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