Thursday, 16 July 2009

8 great thrift store finds

thrift store finds, click to enlarge

Every other week I take a trip to three local thrift stores near my place. I keep an open mind and my eyes peeled for gems. Here are a few of the things that made it home with me:

A. Owl Metal Trivet ($1.99): I don't cook a lot of slow pot roasts to actually make use of this, but darn is it cute. It's just in my studio, sitting on a shelf and it puts a smile on my face.

B. Teacup and Saucer ($2.00): There is no shortage of porcelain at second-hand stores. This particular one (along with other second-hand teacup sets) was used at my wedding reception.

C. Nightside table ($7.00) : I don't limit myself to knick-knacks at the thrift store. I wander around the furniture section to see what's in good condition, what can be repaired or given a makeover. This wooden table was already painted in white. But the lines and rustic look made me fall in love with it.

D: Hardshell suitcase ($6.00) : This vintage number has come along with me to many craft shows. It's roomy but small so it can pack a lot of my wares without it being too heavy. It also serves as a storage space in my studio.

E. Tea Tin ($0.99): I have a compulsion to buy retro and vintage containers. Usually these come in sets (tea, coffee, flour) and I'm reluctant to buy all of them because they take up a lot of room. But this one was on it's own and it appropriately had the letter "t" on the front. And if I needed another reason to buy it, it would hold a few of my small letterpress printing tools.

F: Geosign stick-on letters ($2.00) : This oldie but goodie came with a Letraset package. It was just sitting on a rack clearly screaming my name. I had to rescue it for no other reason than to hold onto old-school graphic design memorabilia.

G. Vintage hardcover books ($0.25 a book): My intention is not to actually read these, but to use them as props for product shots. It also doesn't hurt that they just look nice stacked on a side table.

H. Manual typewriter ($7.99): These rarely show up in working condition, but when they do - grab one. Then write a letter with it. And tell me if you didn't experience any joy hearing the tapping of the keys.

So a few things to remember when you visit your local thrift store: Find things that make you happy. Find things that you can use for meaningful events. Find things that are useful and reuseable. Find things that personalize your space. Find fixer-uppers. Find things that have character and are true keepers.


oh, hello friend. said...

wow, these are AMAZING finds! ;) im jealous.

marlaine said...

oh hi again :)
i've been snooping around your pages
big sigh :)
everything is so great
your thrift store finds are fun :)
i've got to find a thrift store around here!

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