Sunday, 30 March 2008

tempted to type

I went to a large indoor garage sale this morning in the Bloor West village. Good thing I got there in time for the doors to open and found that I only had to wait in line for a few minutes. That's right, I had to wait in a line for a garage sale. There were two floors that had five rooms full of stuff. I had to move quick like a bunny and scan the tables and floors for anything that I could use for the new digs. There were mounds of old jewellery, antique Coke bottles, dishware, romance novels and clothing. It was your typical garage sale. I didn't find much in the way of furniture except for a few side tables that I've already got covered.

Then, I saw it.

It had only been in the second room I visited and I had a few more to go. I only had a couple of bucks in cash and the nearest bank machine was five blocks away. The rooms were filling up with bargain hunters and cash was flying between hands. I zipped through all the rooms and luckily didn't find anything else of interest. I came back to the little treasure and asked to take a closer look. The woman said that it was in working order and that another lady came by who was a collector and passed it up because she already had one just like it. I suppose it was my lucky day.

$15 later and it's now taken up residence on one of my refurbished sidetables. I've always wanted a typewriter. Not for it's practical use but for the keys and the letters, of course :) But as it sits there, being all pretty and smart, I'm tempted to give it a go and write a letter maybe. It's not that far of a leap from my letterpress to a typewriter. No plugs, no screens, no editing. Just press and see what happens...

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