Tuesday, 29 June 2010

postcard giveaway: give-it-forward

Hi folks. Finding snail mail in my letterbox never fails to make me smile. Handwritten letters, postcards from far-away, or packets with a little surprise makes it even better. So, in conjunction with the Letterpress Postcards + Notecards Workshop, today we're going to give-it-forward! For this postcard giveaway all you need to do is let me know who you'd like to give this set of 5 letterpress printed postcards to.  Leave your comment (single entries only, please) below and I'll pick a winner at random on Sunday July 4th. I'll notify the winner (make sure I've got your email address) and ask for the mailing address of their lucky recipient. Then, I'll giftwrap and send the postcards on the winner's behalf. Go for it, make someone's day :)

UPDATE as of Sunday July 4th: the winner is  Paper Pastries! Thank you to those who entered the giveaway. I wish that I could give everyone else who commented on the giveaway something...and so I will! :) If you'd like a postcard send me your mailing address and I'll be sure to post one in the mail for you.


Daniella said...

Oh wow, it'd be so great to have some of your work! I'm in a postcard society where we send a postcard to a random address each month (to another member of the group) and it'd be so fun to use these!

Melinda Josie said...

Hi Tanya!
If I could pick someone, (who'd definitely love to send out your postcards!), I'd pick Chris' sister Kate Buchan. She has pen-pals all over the world, and would love them!

jax said...

What a wonderful idea!
I'd pick my friend at uni, Lisa, she's has a bad year and it would really make her day :)

Moose said...

WOOF WOOF...how about my dad's fire station crew!! Then they can all enjoy. Tail Wags,

Kristen said...

Hi Tanya,
I would love to give this to a friend of mine Stephanie who is getting married on July 23rd. This fall, Stephanie and her new husband will be moving to Edmonton. This way, she can keep in touch with all her loved ones back home, as I know they are all going to miss her greatly!

Anonymous said...

Oh, these are so cute!!! I would pick my friend on the other side of the country (from me) Nat. :) She loves stationery as much as I do, and we exchange snail mail all the time.

Paper Pastries said...

My two best friends live across the country and I rarely get to see them. While that makes for a lot of fun mail days, I am lonely without them! I would like to give them this set of postcards. They would love the clean and classic designs, and they would probably send me one.


Jaime said...

Miss Philly of course!

ps - Our picnic today was too fun!

merium said...

I would send them to my Mom, to encourage her to write more often!

phillipa said...

holy moly!

who would i give them to? the girl that got me into this mess...jimmy dean!

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