Friday, 25 June 2010

NEW letterpress workshop!

Yeah, it's Friday! I'm feeling especially cheerful today because 1) it's the anniversary of my 9-5 lay off and 2) the new workshop is finally here! It's fitting that the two events came together this way. It was when I lost my job that I started to seriously think about what I wanted to do and what it was that really makes me happy. It took but one afternoon after I got my walking papers to decide that printing was where my heart was at and the brainstorming begun. With time at my disposal and a few previous requests to demonstrate my press, the Letterpress Curiosity Workshops made it's debut within only a couple of months. Since then I've had about 70 participants take the workshops and at least 10 of those folks have purchased a press afterwards. I repeat - that's 10 people who now have a press to call their own and are spreading the letterpress curiosity! The presses bought range from Adana's, Kelsey's, Pilot's, Vandercooks, and even a Heidelberg.Way to go, peeps! Now, onto the new workshop :)

Letterpress Postcards + Notecards Workshop

Time: 2.5 hours (2hrs for past LCW participants)
Studio Limit: 2 participants
Investment: $115 per participant (10% discount for past LCW participants)

This workshop is for those who are comfortable with the basics of letterpress with a table-top press. Ideally, you’ve taken the Letterpress Curiosity Workshop, but equivalent experience is fine as well.

After a brief refresher on letterpress basics, you’ll print postcards or notecards with images from the studio’s growing collection of dingbats and icons. You’ll mix inks, and have the option to hand-set personal messages with wood or metal type. Bring your own cardstock and print with as many images as you’d like.

Your correspondence cards are perfect for hostess gifts, bridal parties, birthday invitations, recipes, announcements, or any occasion where handmade stationery would be appreciated. You might print some silverware notecards for a dinner invitation, a pack of button notecards for your favorite seamstress, or a set of origami heart cards for Valentine’s. Or, simply print a packet of ready-to-send postcards for your travels and penpals.

To register, please email me at for details and dates.

Here's to a sweet weekend to everyone! PS. I feel a giveaway coming on next week!!


Jaime said...

I'm dying! Need to take this workshop!

t a n y a said...

Jaime: it'll be so much fun! you'll have postcards to last you forever :)

phillipa said...

sign me up!

Sonnet and Mayhem said...

Very interested! Must blind emboss soon!

t a n y a said...

phillpa and Sonnet and Mayhem: just get in touch with me when you're ready and we'll set a date :)

alexandria said...

Beautiful postcards and the idea of gold is stunning!

t a n y a said...

thanks, alexandria :)

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