Wednesday, 17 February 2010

a printed tent

I used to go on camping trips with my family when I was younger. These trips were always so fun, except for the mosquito bites. I think my favorite part of it was the pitching and readying of the tent. I remember helping my dad with hammering the pegs into the ground, pulling the ropes and finally seeing the tent take shape. And all I wanted to do was crawl inside and sleep with the dozen or so pillows I brought. There was something cozy about tents to me. This print makes me wish that summer arrives tomorrow and that a camping trip is on the horizon.

This print is a part of a series and follows the birdhouse, bow-maker and rocking horse.

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jax said...

I've such happy memories of camping :) Just wish the UK weather was a little more reliable :) My favorite was sitting round the fire at night chatting and singing and watching shooting stars :)

Nauli said...

Love this print! Makes thinking about inviting frineds to a camping trip, just to use it!

SogniSorrisi said...

What a fun design!

Sonnet and Mayhem said...

Love the tent print! You picked the perfect colour of green.
Of course, now I'm seriously impatient for some warmer weather!

snap + tumble said...

jax - oh yes, round the fire, roasting marshmallows too!

Nauli - what a good idea - a camping trip invitation by greeting card :)

SogniSorrisi - thank you!

Sonnet and Mayhem - a nice light green, I like it too. Warmer weather in just a couple of months!

alexandria said...

You never cease to amaze me with all your good ideas for cards...this is so awesome!

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