Tuesday, 22 December 2009

birthday girl

I found a curious Alice in my letterbox the other day just in time for my birthday. Sent by Jamie, it was in a refreshing summery yellow envelope and my name handstamped on the front. Mail, thoughtful cards, and sweet messages of adventure filled-days send me right into happy mode.

You know the kind of gifts you get that you didn't know you wanted? Ange hit the nail on the head when she surprised me with this book, Postcard.

Thanks ladies for makin' a girl feel special :)


Celine said...

happy birthday Tanya!!! what wonderful gifts!

melissa said...

have a happy birthday tanya!
i totally know what you mean about gifts you get that you didn't know you wanted!
i like those kinds of gifts :)

amuse-toi bien! said...

Happy Birthday Tanya! I hope you have a wonderful day. I am totally drooling over your new book!

merium said...

Happy Birthday Tanya!! Wishing you a wonderful year!

pebbledash said...

Now that sounds like a great birthday! Happy Days, Tanya.

snap + tumble said...

thank you, friends! it's been a perfect sunny birthday - and you all made it that much brighter.

Amanda said...

Ooh! What a beautiful book! And I hope you had an awesome birthday Tanya! :)

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