Thursday, 22 October 2009

my favorite dictionary

I received my copy of the Pictorial Webster's Dictionary from Chronicle Books the other day. I woke up preparing myself to buckle down to work and then the mailman knocked on the door. I opened my brown paper package and my day suddenly had other plans! It was like Christmas and the birthday rolled into one.

I'm an absolute neat freak when it comes to my books. Especially with this kind (precious, pretty and packed with good stuff). The cover of the dictionary is just down right gorgeous and I couldn't bear spoiling it with dirty hands or bumping the corners. I'm certain that I'll be referring to this book a few times and know too much handling will take it's toll. So I used this tutorial to create a simple book cover to save my lovely pictorial dictionary from potential surface damage. I used some kraft paper from a roll and the rubber stamp set to create a utilitarian cover and finished it off with a dollar store sticky label for the spine. It's now good to go!

Have a look at one of my previous post for the video of John Carrera's journey to restore this marvelous book.

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