Friday, 23 October 2009

letter love fridays

This past week I continued with the multicoloured print for the 2010 card. I chose to mix a seafoam green to compliment the other two colours. What should the last colour be?


Amanda said...

Maybe that light blue we used at the curiosity workshop... or a light pink or yellow. Hmm?

p.s. I still love that 2!

Aprile said...

Hey Tanya!
Thanks for adding me to your blog roll : )
I keep hearing about your wonderful letterpress workshops around the blogosphere (haha) and I admit I'm curious! I'm in design school and we have a letterpress that I absolutely loved using and have been wanting one ever since. I asked my teacher if I could use it to make my Christmas cards one year and she let me of course. It was pretty great!
I would love to visit your studio someday soon!

Laura Jannika said...

yellow orange will make a triad

roisin said...

blind emboss!

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