Friday, 25 September 2009

letter love fridays

+I think it's a little late for the humidity and warm weather we've been having in Toronto this past week. Fall is here and I'm looking forward to wearing my layers, let's go already.

+It's been 3 months since my lay off. I overheard a conversation yesterday on the subway, a man complaining to another about his job. He mentioned being tired, fed up, his weekends taken away, no social life, just sleep, work, sleep, work. What surprised me about this is that I didn't say to myself (or to him), "Well, at least you have a job." Instead I just felt bad for the him. I'm thankful for my situation; 'jobless' yet passionate about what I'm doing.

+Thanks to all have entered so far in the favorites giveaway. There's still time to list your 5, so get on it!

+Next week, I'll share some photos from a recent tour I took of a local publishing house and printing press.

+Looking forward again to this weekend's set of participants in the Letterpress Curiosity Workshops (hello Jasmine, Adrienne and Victoria!) Speaking of which, I had a cancellation which means there's an opening this Sunday if anybody can do it last minute.

have a great weekend, everyone.

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