Monday, 28 September 2009

letterpress curiosity workshop: paper

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting the LCW's to a group of wonderful people, including Sonnet & Mayhem's creator, Victoria. She was kind enough to bring some of her cards and I purchased her powerline card on the spot! Meeting other artists, sharing our works and experiences has been one of the nicest things that come with the workshop.

Though I have a bunch of mismatched woodblock type, I don't play with them enough. It's such a treat to see the participants use them and bring them to life with vibrant colours. A hot pink was the colour of the day on Saturday while a super ultramarine blue stayed on the disc during the Sunday session. Along with the one ink colour theme, participants brought in not only various shades of white cardstock, but grey as well. I think it's become one of my favorite coloured stock to print on.

And speaking of paper, if you are signed up for one of the LCW's, please do have your paper pre-cut to size. You're not going to want to spend any time at the workshop cutting while you could be printing ;)

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