Tuesday, 21 July 2009

letterpress workshop: thoughts

Now that my days have been freed up, I'm mulling over the idea of having a letterpress workshop of some kind. I've listed some reasons why I should do this sooner than later.

-I'm seeing an increase of requests for workshops and little resources around the city to fulfill them

-I'd like to see the craft community grow, if there's an interest, I should help where I can

-I get to meet new people who are also interested in letterpress

-I get to spread the letterpress curiosity

-I get an excuse to print and make a mess of my printing station

-I get to talk about letterpress (my husband can only take so much)

-Participants would come to my home, making it a unique experience - a peek into my mini workroom

So, would you be interested in seeing my table top press in action? Or better yet, have a go at the press yourself? Let me know by commenting below. But if you're shy or want to be notified of an upcoming workshop please email me at snapandtumble@gmail.com.



Jaime said...

Yes, yes!

qb said...

Me too!

chau said...

yes please!!!

info said...

I would love to work the press!!

Catherine Lash
The Wedding Co.

Danielle said...

I love to see letterpress in action!

snap + tumble said...

thank you everyone! so happy to see such a positive response. i'll be sure to follow up with an update on this.

roisin said...

me too! nscad got a press only after i'd graduated and moved away.

Simba said...


I'm an outta work designer too - who creates cards using my Gocco - but I LOVE letterpress and want to learn more!!!!!!

pop dog press (popdogpress [dot] com)

Sonnet & Mayhem said...

I would love a chance to attend one of your workshops! I work mostly with hand printing, but it would be amazing to see a letterpress in action!

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