Monday, 29 June 2009

unemployed and happy

Last week I was laid off from my job. It was only a matter of time before I was told that my position was no longer required within the company. And that time came on Thursday morning at 9:21am. By 9:30am I had my severance papers and was headed back home.

I wonder if there are stages one goes through after being dismissed from their job? Anger? Regret? Sadness? Guilt? Panic?

For me, I'm somewhere in between elation and being anxious about it. Let's hope I stay there and not fall into despair. So a few notes to self to keep on track:

1. first feeling after getting the news was relief, there has to be a good reason for that
2. what better time to focus on printing?
3. there are worse things in life that could happen
4. I'm in complete control of what I choose to do next
5. there are people who've quit their day job to pursue their passion, why can't I?
6. somewhere in me, I'm scared sh*tless about not making ends meet - that'll keep me on my toes
7. do things I've always wanted to do
8. do things I didn't think I'd want to do
9. start a journal; document the beginning of my real life


Anonymous said...

I'd definitely see this as a silver lining - there's been tons of articles about how small businesses are actually thriving in this economy, and with your talent I know you'll be able to make it work. You should definitely read the Modish biz tips, Bakery, and Design*Sponge biz ladies blogs - and Sean Low's blog - for some fabulous advice on making your business work in this economy.

snap + tumble said...

Nole, thank you for the kind words of encouragement. Those site are definitely bookmarked!

Anonymous said...

keeping channeling the happy. i bet it's going to open up all kinds of doors for you.

snap + tumble said...

Hi Jen, you are so right - gotta stay positive!

Simba said...

Wow..I'm in the same boat - only it's been a few months already...definitely tough..but I'm trying to focus on my art and printing too...Stay strong...have a support system...

There are stages..I was elated for a while, enjoying the time I'm in slight desperation mode for steady income again...but still like the idea of setting my own time schedule and working from home. Good Luck. (good tips from beautiful paper too..I've been doing the same!)



Jhpapers said...

Been their going through that. I wrote a post about my situation on my blog several weeks back. It may give you a bit of inspiration:

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