Monday, 12 May 2008


I received my delivery of Mohawk paper samples today. Included in the package was a promotion booklet for Mohawk Superfine paper and I'm in love with it. Instead of ordinary (but beautiful) photography in this promotion, lies within something more.

The booklet is called Personal Best and it includes quotes from ten world renowned, accomplished people stating what their favorites are or what their personal best is from a range of categories.

My favorite quote is from Gary Hustwits (director of the only feature-length documentary dedicated to a typeface) and the accompanying image of the Helvetica font: My favorite tyepface is Helvetica designed by the Swiss graphic designer Max Miedinger. Whether you're there in Istanbul, or Indianapolis, Munich or Melbourne, Helvetica is always there to tell you where the bathroom is, what time your train leaves, where to park, what not to touch, why that store has the right to refuse you service, where to throw your trash, what exciting investment opportunity awaits if you act now, where you can smoke, how many people were killed today, who to vote for and how to live.

Can a paper sample book be a coffee book? I think so.

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