Monday, 19 May 2008

the return

I got to print for the first time in the new home on Saturday. And it all went without a hitch. I didn't even put down protective covering on the carpet. I really shouldn't continue that because accidents with ink do happen.

I was happy with the session because I got to print seven plates. Four times I had to change the ink and the other three, I had pressed plates in black which I left to the last. It was one of those successful marathon printing runs where I start at 8am and finish up around 2pm. No meals in between too. Fiancee says that I get into "the zone" and I'm lost to him in that time. Sad, but true. I'm totally focused with all aspects of the process from the ink mixing to the cleaning. Meditative, you know?

I noticed a few things while printing. One was that my setup wasn't entirely ideal. The kitchen cart that my press is on is too high. I was on my tip toes when pressing just to get some leverage and my shoulders were raised while pressing. I'm tempted to cut the legs of the table to get the right height. Also, the press should be moved next to the window to get the maximum natural light. The mixed ink looked completely different in the tungsten light. The press should move or at least my mixing tablet should. Other than these things, the printing was great. I'm back!


Minh said...

Hey there, loving your blogsite! I also bought a tabletop letterpress, a Kelsey 5x8, from Craig Black. I just got my hands on some rubber base ink and was reading that you clean your press with vegetable oil. Is this the only thing you use? or do you also have a cleaning wash? Do you use the oil on your type and plates too? And after the oil do you need to use something to get rid of the oil? Any advice would be great (^_^)

who is this gal? said...

hi minh, thanks for reading my blog. congrats on the new press! I use two things to clean the press,type, ink disc and plates: vegetable oil first and a product called D-limonene (the brand is Tri Art)for a quick wipe afterwards. I picked it up at a local art store. Not sure if anybody else is using the d-limonene for clean up but it seems to be working out perfectly fine for me.

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