Wednesday, 4 June 2008

and they said it couldn't be done

It's been a busy few weeks with wedding planning. Oh, didn't I mention it? The fiancee and I decided because it's going to be a small affair, that we could pull it off the planning in three months. We've gotten the majority of the things out of the way, so we're almost there. The wedding is going to be in late August and so the invitations had to be designed and sent! The past weekend was a doozy!

Let's just be clear - I have never printed wedding invitations before. And I was quite happy to try my hand at it for the first time on my own invitations. If I screwed up it'd be awful, but at least no one would be upset with me except for me. So at least that type of pressure was off. Still, I found that I was more anal than ever - measuring paper twenty times and cutting once. Oh and the ink mixing took me two hours. Who does that?

I had a limited supply of paper to print on and so mistakes had to be at a serious minimum. I made sure that I had a couple of plain bond paper make-ready's because I knew registration was going to be a bi$#*&! I had three separate plates to print on the invitation, two of which were in different colours. I would highly recommend to NOT do this to cut down on the stress.

A morning, an skipped breakfast and lunch and an evening later, I had my wedding invitations. My fiancee and I were pretty impressed with the results. So for anyone who thinks you can't print quality wedding invitations on a table top or an Adana...well...have a look:


sarah said...

Tanya... these look fabulous!! Love the gold. Just goes to show it CAN be done! Congrats :)

LaurenMarie - Creative Curio said...

Your invitations are beautiful! I find it hardest to design for myself, but for your wedding? Wow! You should be congratulated on just nailing down a design your happy with ;)

who is this gal? said...
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who is this gal? said...

Thanks laurenmarie! Trust me, it took some time to get to the final design and the funny part is that it ended up looking nothing like I had imagined. I always figured, I'd have something modern, clean lines and for sure, no script font. But alas, I put this one together and it charmed me. We're going for a country garden type wedding. Hopefully this did the trick!

LaurenMarie - Creative Curio said...

Aww, weddings are fun! I had mine in an English garden setting... in February. We are in California so no worries about snow, but it was still chilly!

From what I can see, you use the script font very tastefully! If you usually don't care for script fonts, have you ever tried setting everything in italics instead? Sometimes that can seem more elegant.

I'm sure enjoying your blog! I just started working with a letterpress myself (Vandercooks).

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