Wednesday, 21 November 2007

tips and thanks

So I've got one more weekend to print before the City of Craft Fair. For the most part I've completed all of my prints and no plate orders are coming my way. The last thing to do are business cards. Getting ready for the fair has all been very interesting and a great learning experience. Two things to note:

1. Time everything. Fortunately, I had a little over a month to prepare for the fair. But when I received the notice, I really didn't have a single product to bring with me. All I had was my press. My essential needs were a stack cutter, paper, inks, envelopes, packaging and plates. Don't leave anything to the last minute if you can help it. Order supplies in advance to account for stock and delivery delays.
2. Follow up on your supply orders. Okay, maybe it's just because I'm an organize-freak but there were a few times when it was necessary. Sometimes you fax, email or leave messages and you never know if it's been picked up. Don't assume, just make sure.

Since I started to prepare for the fair, there've been a number of people in my corner that I'd like to give a shout out to:

Shelley, for always having pushed me to go after doing my own cards. Her words of encouragement are never-ending and her eye for design is invaluable to me.
D and M, my neighbours, who've been so patient about receiving my endless stream of orders for me. I think D is on a fist name basis with the UPS guy now.
Marlon, for giving away stacks of paper to me to use as scrap and trial runs. Always resourceful he is.
Craig Black, who sold me the Adana and the starter kit. Nice guy and very helpful.
snap&tumble readers, especially the ones who have letterpress blogs of their own and share tips and experiences.
And my fiance, who's the biggest fan of my work. His support most of all helped me to get to where I am now.

I hear the music...I'll get off the stage now.

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