Friday, 23 November 2007

friday printing

What a fine day to take the day off of work. Winter's finally made her appearance and I'm indoors, cozy with my little press!

First up, I changed the tympan as it was getting pretty roughed up and torn from gauge pins. Only this time, I decided to draw a grid on it. Not sure if it'd help, but it for sure couldn't hurt. As it turns out, it was useful. Since I don't yet have a Boxcar base, this is as close as I can get. The registration piece of the printing process still remains to be frustrating for me, so a little grid helps a whole lot.

Today was about the calling card. I decided to blind deboss the wordmark and the website (which is still under construction) info. I've blind debossed all the cards, and so I wanted to continue doing that for the business cards. That may be a major no-no because it is, afterall, contact information. Yet, I'm still not feeling bad about sacrificing clarity for good looks. I left the one colour to the ornament - a hot cyan!

As you can see, the magnesium plate and the press gave the paper a hefty bite. You can't tell from the photo but the website info on the last line came out pretty clear and wasn't in need of any ink in my opinion.

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