Saturday, 22 September 2007

the showcard press

1. the showcard press brand 2.locking in the form 3. applying ink onto the cut with a brayer 4.sliding the slidy thing over the paper that's on top of the cut 5. a crisp impression

I was introduced today to the Showcard Press, a small tabletop flatbed press. I think I have to admit that I want one of these. So easy to use and light in weight. Although it'd be slow to make a run of cards on this machine, it'd still be really nice and convenient to do small ad hoc jobs. I don't think I'd mind the hand-inking process and the clean up would be a cinch. And the pressbed looks like it could hold a form of about 8x12. That's pretty sizeable. I must do some more research on this and maybe play with it a bit more on the second day of the workshop.

UPDATE: My very own Showcard press



cuppycakegumdrops said...

I am hoping to get a Showcard press in this size also. Thank you for the informative pics - it is a great little press.

(I love your image too! I am a sucker for all the vintage lead blocks - so neat!)

who is this gal? said...

thanks for stopping by!

the Showcard is certainly something I'd love to add to my studio.

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