Saturday, 22 September 2007

Kozo Studio

Kozo Studio is located at 275 Broadview Avenue, Toronto just north of Dundas. So nice to find a workshop so close to home. Myself, two other people and Akemi made up the class for today. Her studio is well lit, has lots of space, doesn't smell like ink and chemicals and she plans to turn the storefront into a gallery space for bookbinding goodies. In here houses a couple of hand presses and one SP15 Vandercook that we'll be working on. I took a few snap shots of her trays of furniture and drawers of font. She's even got some basket full of assorted type. I'm sure it'll be a space I often visit after the workshop's over.


alanis said...

This is amazing! Where can I take part in some kind of workshop like this?
thank you

who is this gal? said...

Hi Alanis. The first workshop I went to was at the Open Studio indowntown Toronto ( Also try to contact Akemi at Kozo Studio (

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