Saturday, 22 September 2007

Kozo Letterpress Workshop Day 1

a. loose type b. proofing the letter 'n' and 'cut'

When I looked up the term "broadside" the definition mentioned poetry, handbills and announcements. For this project I had a rather lofty idea to use a fable or a folktale. But when I got to the class, looked at the examples I realized that I shouldn't have been so ambitious. It would take days to hand set type. So I cropped the idea and used a few simple and familiar words instead...

a. setting up the form b. form locked

..."Once upon a time". I found some cute elephant cuts and couldn't resist throwing them in there as a border of sorts. Tomorrow we press an edition and print with two colours. Yummy.

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Marion said...

oh, i wish there was some possibility to take a workshop somewhere near where i live, too..

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