Monday, 26 November 2012

printers' soap

I was out of liquid handsoap last week and stumbled upon these Soap Works bars of soap in the store. I'm not sure why I was suddenly interested in getting some of these and abandoning my usual liquid soap. I stood there, in front of the soap bar display and must've picked each one up and gave them a sniff. Then it was hard to decided because they all smelled so darn good. But I settled on good ol' fashioned Oatmeal which is lightly scented and a natural, gentle exfoliant. I've been using it now for a couple of days and my hands feel softer after each wash.

The second bar of soap called Pumice, I just couldn't pass it up. On the Soap Works site it reads, "...we sell it to print shops for the pressmen to clean their hands." Well, how about that? Looks nice, smells nice, works well too.


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Tasneem Dasoo said...

I love bar soaps! Espcially when working with all my crafting items. It really feels cleaner and less harsh. Sometimes the basics are the best!

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