Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Munchkie is almost 9 months old but he doesn't feel so little anymore. He's just over 19.5lbs and none of that is slowing him down from moving the minute he opens his eyes in the morning. We are going through another transition with Marcus. His naps are becoming longer but he's taking fewer of them during the day. It also looks like his gums are working out two front teeth. I swear he's bitten me and left teeth marks but I have yet to see any teeth. Mystery. Also, the crawling hasn't happened yet. At least not while he's on the floor, tummy down. But of all the places he's comfortable motoring on while on his front, it's the bed. And he shows no sign of fear of meeting the edge. While on the subject of perilous situations, Marcus is quite adept at turning himself over while he's lying down. He'll also twist and launch himself over pillows in no time flat. With that kind of skill, I've underestimated his reach a number of times. Munchkie is definitely a wily one.


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