Monday, 10 September 2012

his first numbers book

I stole a couple of hours before Marcus woke up yesterday to start a project that I had in mind for a while. It was nice to get to quietly play some music in the studio before dawn, lay down some ink on the press and get the work out that's been in my head for a few weeks.

This project is going to be my DIY version of a board book for Marcus. Though board books are intended to be durable and printed on thick paperboard, I opted for what I had on hand - blank coasters. These coasters do have some weight and are the perfect size for his little hands. Once the book is done, I'll most likely wait for the time he starts to learns numbers to use it with him. That or, bring it out from time-to-time so that he can experience the pictures, patterns and textures of the book.

I'll be printing 10 editions of a 10 page book (plus a front and back cover) that includes the numbers one through ten accompanied by pictures for each number. I started with the highest number which took the longest to print because I had the time to do it. It took so long because I decided to use what I already had in terms of dies which are the dingbats that I've used before for workshops, postcards and other personal stationery. This meant that I had to register the image (the anchor) ten times and print the ten coasters one by one which comes out to 100 passes through the press. I could've just as easily created, ordered, bought , and waited for a plate of ten anchors, registered it once and pass the ten coasters through the press once but where's the fun in that?

I'll be printing this project in stages as I try to carve out the time to do it. It's all hands on deck with Marcus so finding the time to get inky is hard to come by. Stay tuned for updates on the book and more pages to come.


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