Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ever since we started Marcus on solids, a brand new world has opened up for us. Preparing his foods has been so easy and so tasty, that I can't help but nibble on some of it too. The most recent experiment was with organic apricots. I found that it was too sour on it's own so decided that I had to counter it with some sweetness. I threw bananas in the puree and it pretty much won the Munchkie over. Because we're introducing foods to him every four or so days, I have to either freeze the rest of the puree or eat it myself. There were about a dozen apricots left over so I pureed all of it. I took a portion of it, mixed it with honey and jarred it. I've already had some of that with yogurt and granola. YUM. It went really nicely with chocolate ice cream too. And I imagine it'd be great with waffles. See, what I mean? New world.

Novelty for a 7 month old is thumbs up. Even if for ten minutes! I used some of the apricot banana puree and froze it with a pacifier (thanks to my brother for sending me the idea found here). I gave the frozen pacifier popsicle to Marcus today and he seemed to enjoy it. The cold tastiness on his gums must have done him some good. This is for sure going to be a repeat treat.


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