Friday, 1 April 2011

taking stock

About a month ago the room where my press sits got a nice dose of sunshine. I dug out my Rollei, mounted it on the tripod, checked the light meter settings and crossed my fingers.  This is the result. When I still had the Craftsmen, I shot it with the Rollei as well. I think the Adana will have it's turn next time. Though there are only about 12 frames with 120 film, it takes me about a year to finish the roll. Not even kidding. I really only ever use it on special occasions, when I know I can take my time to set it up or in rare moments when the light is just too good.

I've been a little M.I.A from the blog this week. I'm prepping what little space I have left for another piece of letterpress equipment. I've spent these days trying to reconfigure my living and studio space. It's a bit tight here and so have even resorted to moving a set of drawers into a closet! It amazes me, when push comes to shove, that I can still manage to make space in my condo. But it doesn't come without sacrifice - not big ones in the grand scheme. I didn't think that I owned alot of stuff, but this week's exercise in clearing space here has turned into spring cleaning and clutter cleansing. And with that, I've had to take away some beloved things and put them up for sale. If you're in Toronto and see any items you might find useful, contact me.

I hope you had a good and productive week. I'm still waiting for the warm weather.


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