Wednesday, 9 June 2010

rollei results



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taken by christine lim

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Right off the bat, I love my rolleiflex. It took me a couple of years to get around to repairing it and mustering up the courage to use it. What's was I so afraid of? I suppose I just had to be in the right frame of mind. You know how you just aren't ready for some things? Well, I guess it was the right time and I put things into motion. Time to learn something new!

A mutual friend who knew I wanted to learn how to use the rollei suggested I contact Christine Lim. Christine is a fantastic photographer who also uses a rollei and was so kind to take the time and give me a brief tutorial. We met in Trinity Bellwoods park, sat down with our White Squirrel ice teas and chatted away.

At first I thought I'd have a difficult time grasping the relationship between the f-stops and shutter speeds, but Christine was so patient with me and explained it all really well. We went over the basics of the camera body and its functions, film, the light meter, composition and the quirks specific to a rollei. Then it was time to shoot! The great thing about spending the hour with Christine, is that she encouraged me to have fun with the camera. And to not worry about doing things quickly - it's about taking it slow and setting up the shot.

I got my photos back this week and was quite pleased with the results. My line of thinking was that each of these were test shots. I wanted to shoot in different lighting with different subjects and kept a record of the f-stops I used for each shot. I'm most happy about knowing how to use the light meter correctly and that the lenses are in superb shape.

This is exciting for me, folks. I never thought I'd get around to doing this but am glad I finally did.


Micheline said...

Congratulations on taking the leap into the unknown. Your shots are all beautiful but that last one… wow!

phillipa said...

T! I love the self portrait & the truck going over the bridge...great. that rollei looks right at home in your hands!

Alexandria said...

This is so exciting! The 2nd and final shots are especially wonderful.

jax said...

Fantastic! Love that last shot ;)

t a n y a said...

Micheline: thank you! The unknown isn't a bad thing after all :)

phillipa: thanks, girl! I was waiting for the truck to go by and caught it just in time.

Alexandria: thank you, I really like the photo of the lilacs as well!

jax: thank you! I actually thought the self-portrait was the weakest of the bunch, but wanted to put it up anyway, ah!

thanks for your feedback and encouragement, all!

Vincent said...

that's sooo awesome tanya!!! :D

t a n y a said...

Vincent: thanks! I finally did it, yea!

christine said...

can't believe it took me this long to see the results (did i miss a message from you)? beautiful results! sounds like you enjoyed it! can't wait to see more in the future.

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