Wednesday, 24 November 2010

wood type sorted

Remember my luck with the load of wood type? I finally got the all the blocks cleaned and lined the trays. Beautiful in their own right, no matter how much I cleaned the trays, they still managed to look dirty, so hence the cheerful vintage wallpaper.

My good friend Chris came over on a weekend to help organize the type. Thank goodness for him, honestly, or my wood type would be in disarray. As guessed, I don't have one complete set of a font. But the loveliness of the fat gothic fonts make up for that loss. The final count came in around 680+ (including punctuation). That's more wood type than I know what to do with. No complaints though. Actually just one, out of all that type, there isn't a single letter "a" to be found. Not one. Strange.

Hooray for wonderful friends who love type, brings apple cider from the market and baked cookies on a rainy Sunday afternoon to help a printer out!


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