Monday, 8 November 2010

tabletop letterpress workshop: may + ally + carolyn + melinda

I'm playing a bit of catch up by posting some photos of the latest Tabletop Letterpress Workshops. This past weekend I introduced the Showcard press in the workshop for the first time. When I asked May and Ally which press they preferred working on, the Showcard or the C&P, they both said the flatbed! The gals felt that they were more hands-on with the Showcard. Because the press isn't self-inking, May and Ally had to use a brayer and ink up the forme each time and carefully lay their cardstock on top. The action of pulling the rollers over also contributed to feeling of being more involved with the prints. Whereas with the C&P, it's seamless. I credit the machine for that experience because it's so darn smooth. I think I'll continue with the Showcard in the workshops and see how others like it as well.

The weekend prior, Melinda and Carolyn participated in the workshop too. Two illustrators, a practicing printer with presses, paper and inks in one room, how could it not be fun? Visit their blogs here and here to read about their time with the s + t presses.


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