Tuesday, 12 October 2010

jessica bell made these

I came across Jessica Bell's Long Range Forecast series a few days ago and found myself spending a good amount of time in her shop. I like the inspiration behind the series and the materials she combined bringing it to life. Her work is one of the few things that if looked at, every time, a wash of calm would come over me. The colours, the shapes, the thoughtfulness - all of it makes me happy. The Tides pieces, especially, would take up a prominent space in my studio if I had my way. The Needlebound artwork also got my attention with it's colour combination and stitching. She's a fellow Canadian on the west coast in Vancouver. Do have a look at her online shop for more splendid work and her blog for the details.



alexandria said...

I really like these. Beautiful and calm. So glad you shared this.

Chantel I. said...

Thanks for sharing a hometown artist with us leftcoasties!

hiven said...


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