Monday, 30 August 2010

Monday starts with the winners of the Letterpress Curiosity Workshop Giveaway. I used the random number generator to determine the lucky participants. Congratulations May and Melinda Josie! Please contact me to arrange a date in October. I'm looking forward to our workshop!

Thank you to those who entered with such nice comments and for spreading the word. Also a thank you to those of you who didn't enter but posted on their blogs, Facbook profiles and Tweeted about it.



Celine said...

that's amaaazing! congratulations to them both! I know how much they both wanted to try your workshop, tanya!!

Melinda Josie said...

Tanya! That's so exciting!! I can't wait. xo

Chantel I. said...

It's so cool that you held this giveaway. It's unfortunate that I live on the westcoast, otherwise I would have signed up too. I wish opportunities like this would happen in Vancouver. We don't have many letterpress printers here, and even less willing to let the unwashed masses experiment with their equipment.

t a n y a said...

Celine + Melinda Josie: :)

Chantel I: thank you. I've just sent you an email with some details of workshops in the westcoast!

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