Friday, 27 August 2010

a serving of class with a side of professionalism

image via weheartit

Every now and then we have dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant in the east end of the city. Here’s a piece of the conversation I had with the owner on my most recent visit.

t: y’know this is the best pizza in town, right?

o: oh, why thank you.

t: last week I took a chance at a different restaurant because
I was craving a pizza and it was so much closer to our place.

o: oh? where was it?

t: near us, about a 15 minute drive north. but I have to say,
the pizza just wasn’t up to par. pales in comparison to what you make here.

o: y’know what? give ‘em another shot.

t: [eyebrows raised]

o: they might’ve had an off night. it happens. give ‘em a second chance
and if you still don’t like it you’re always welcome here.

Out of all the responses he could’ve given me, I was happily surprised with what he suggested. Had he told me to avoid going to restaurants north of the city I would’ve thought he had a gripe or put his insecurities up for display. Instead, there was no character assassination, no trash talking another local business, no greediness.

Thumbs up for being classy.



afro-chick said...

where o' where is this pizza parlour!

Michelle said...

Definitely! I'm hoping that there's going to be a cultural shift towards more classiness - it's a great quality.

alexandria said...

What a great story and I love that sign.

t a n y a said...

afro-chick: Gerrard's Spaghetti & Pizza House!

Michelle: I'm with you on that!

alexandria: love the sign too!

Micheline said...

I loved this story. Wouldn't it be nice if classy became the new trend?

t a n y a said...

Micheline: it would be. Yet, some people/small business owners just don't get it.

erica-knits said...

Whoa! Beyond classy. I think I'll try to go there tonight. Thanks for sharing this great story!

t a n y a said...

erica-knits: mos def, it's on the Danforth! try it out. my favorite on the menu is the Aglio Oglio e Pomodoro pizza!

Aron said...

He sounds like a good guy.
Sounds like its more than just the pizza that will keep you coming back! :)

t a n y a said...

Aron: you're exactly right.

Amanda said...

Totally amazing! I love stories like that... oh have you tried Lil' Baci?! (that could be the place you're talking about) because seriously it's the best pizza I've ever, EVER had.

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