Thursday, 11 March 2010

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to two art classes at my old highschool. Super fun! Initially, my previous teacher had asked if I'd be willing to do a letterpress demonstration or a workshop. I would've been keen on this if my press didn't weight a ton. So, we settled on a simple presentation of sorts. I brought what materials and equipment I could to show the students parts of the process of letterpress printing. But the conversation focused on where I started with the craft and where I'm with it now. One of the things I worried about before the talk was if letterpress craft was in any way relevant to the students? Turns out, it's not. I think what weighed more with the students were the discussions around key things that led me to where I am today with both the business and the craft. Where I went to school, what I studied, my first job, my career changes, exploration into the craft community, and marketing methods seemed a little more interesting to the kids. The message at the end of the day was, love what you do. Don't worry about what the other person is doing or what other people want you to do. Be good great at what you do. Be passionate. Everything else will fall into place.


Joseph + Jaime said...

Yes. Love what you do. So important!

alexandria said...

I love what the message at the end of the day was. Agreed.

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