Tuesday 9 March 2010

back to school

Tomorrow I'll be visiting my old high school and talking with students in the applied design course about letterpress printing. I'm really looking forward to sharing my story and my work with the kids. I only hope they find the process and products just as interesting as I do!

When my previous high school art teacher asked me to come to the school to talk to his students, I was more than happy. I wished that I had been introduced to printmaking earlier than when I discovered it on my own. So even if it only resonates with one student, I'll be excited.

Above are some photos of personal stationery I made for my former teacher. I used some vintage architectural drawings for the liners. Aside from teaching he's also a fine artist. And every fine artist could use some custom cards.



small caps said...

Yeh. Sounds great. Does your school have a studio for printmaking? We did only etching. No letters :(

Amanda Keenan said...

Oh that's exciting Tanya! I'm sure you'll get some kids really excited about letterpress! I mean seriously, how could they not be?! Good luck!!

Celine said...

that is exciting! I am scared of talking in front of teenagers! But I wish I was introduced to a lot of things like this when I was in highschool too. They are so lucky to meet you!

Sonnet and Mayhem said...

Lucky kids! Hearing about printmaking techniques would have had a huge impact on me in high school... I only wish an expert had been available to drop in.

Also, those blueprint inserts look faboulous!!!

amuse-toi bien! said...

So exciting!!!! I hope it goes well! I would have loved to be learning about letterpress in highschool- its a great opportunity for the kids.

Unknown said...

I'm full time a uni at the moment and we have a great print room containing a big old Columbian Press (came from the old local Newspaper when it shut down) but no type I'm afraid, plus the press is missing its counter balance. On a mission to hopefully get it fixed then I can give demos on letterpress :)
Have fun! Hope you find some future Letterpress enthusiasts!

t a n y a said...

small caps: when I was in highschool, there weren't any kind of printmaking equipment :( As far as I know there is now an etching press that isn't being used.

Amanda: We'll see. I'm really interested in hearing some feedback from the students and to gauge the interest.

Celine: (teenagers have a bad rep these days), but I'm sure this bunch will be a great class to talk with.

Sonnet and Mayhem: I hear you. I feel the same way. i hope the talk and showing the letterpress wares engages the class and sparks enough interest for them to persue it.

amuse-toi bien!: I'll report back :)

jax: yes, demos! get that underway! Because the press is a bit heavy, I won't be able to bring it in. I'll have to make do with some photos and wood type and metal cuts.

alexandria said...

This sounds like a lot of fun. I hope it goes well and I think they asked the perfect person for this!

Daniella said...

Wow... love the simple initials.

Have fun!

Unknown said...

we enjoyed your presentation

t a n y a said...

alexandria: thank you much! It went a lot better than expected, the kids were really nice.

Daniella: I like printing the initials...simpler the better.

AAorris: Hey there! Nice to have met you and your fellow classmates!

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