Tuesday, 23 March 2010

save-the-date + anniversaries in print

I can't get enough from wood type. These custom anniversary announcements and save-the-dates are the perfect way to showcase the beauty of wood type and simple blind impressions. A little bit of ink (shown here in the colour I named 'Chalk') also goes a long way.

Printing on A2 size cards is a good idea to keep the postage to a minimum. Small, short and sweet letterpress printed messages...so good.

For ordering information, get in touch with me at snapandtumble@gmail.com.


rhya said...

so so pretty.

small caps said...

Wonderful!!! Love the blind impressions. Have you done it with your showcard? I don't get so much pressure with my Adana to make a deep impression with wood type. And maybe I don't use the right paper...

Dandelion and Grey said...

Tanya, they're lovely! As is everything you do. I wish I could do my wedding paper goods over again, so you could design them!

t a n y a said...

rhya: thank you ma'am!

small caps: yes, printed with the Showcard. Not just you, I'd have trouble getting that kind of an impression with that size of type on the Adana too.

Dandelion and Grey: Erin, you inspired the e&g print! :)

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