Wednesday, 3 March 2010

playing with blocks

starburst in play


starburst blues

garlic mesh wrapper

starburst meshed

Just some experiments with my Showcard today.
Took one of those garlic mesh wrappers and laid it over an inked blocked to see what would happen. Turns out, it made a pretty mean blind impression.
Now to find some more textures to play with.

ps. I think this starburst block is just about my favorite thing.



Anonymous said...

Oh how cool! Maybe laced ribbon? Or otherwise textured wide ribbon?

: : t a n y a : : said...

chucksdaisies - wonderful idea. i actually just picked up some lace ribbon yesterday! ps. your blog looks great.

jax said...

That looks like fun :) bet the lace will produce some lovely effects

rhya said...

ohh i love the starburst!

alexandria said...

You are so creative! I like the way this looks.

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