Friday, 5 February 2010

tagged re: my desk

In December, I was tagged by Rosalyn to show photos of my desk. {So sorry for the delay, Ros!} I did take the photos a few months ago but have only gotten around to posting them now. I don't actually have a desk that I sit at and work at. So, instead I've shot the table that I use while I'm printing. But not a whole lot of printing was happening at the time.

Included in the photos are framed inspirations above my desk (holga photo, photo of mom and brother when they were young, letterpress prints and postcards). On my desk are snail mail, vintage rubber stamps and woodblock cuts. I've also put one of my favorite thrift store finds on the desk behind my cutter - the antique wooden spool holder.

I'm going to pass the tag along to Victoria, Amanda, Sandi, and Alexandria. So girls, if you're up to it, make sure you take photos of your desks/workspace as it is. No editing or staging :) Ready, set, go!


Sandi said...

haha!! Will do. I actually just took photos the other day. Will post tomorrow if I've got time :) LOVE your spools of string...swoon*

r= said...

awesome tanya! nice desk!!! soo much prettier than mine.
i've been wanting to make one of those spool things for all my thread - but haven't made it yet!

anyway, see u tomorrow!!

jax said...

I wish I was as tidy :) love the spool holder!

snap + tumble said...

Sandi - looking forward to seeing your desk!

Ros - I loved your desk shots! There was so much on it and to look at :) See you soon!

jax - the desk doesn't look like that everyday. you can just imagine when it comes time to printing. trouble with a white desk is that it's easy to see the ink stains.

alexandria said...

Thanks for the tag and I will post about it this week for sure!

Sonnet and Mayhem said...

Thanks, Tanya! My desk is my kitchen table, so I'm going to have to wait until I'm in crafting mode and not eating breakfast mode to post :)

Amanda said...

Wow, I love your workspace tanya! So beautiful! I'll do my best with mine. lol! Thanks for the tag!

small caps said...

wow. you are pretty organized!!!

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