Friday, 5 February 2010

I've been listening to Metric's song all week. It gave me the perfect excuse to break out my tub of shimmery Pantone gold and take to the Showcard. Great music + printing = good times.

It's been a busy and lovely week with inquiries, requests for printing demos and interviews. And it doesn't stop there - Letterpress Curiosity Workshops continue this weekend and if you're in the city, drop by the Love & Rummage 2 Trunk show on Sunday.

Cheers, all!


Jaime said...

I love that first shot!
See you Sunday!

Daniella said...

Ooooh love the way the gold turns out...

Samantha Clarke Photography said...

gold is my favorite! love these.

Knotted Nest said...

I'm loving gold lately. Maybe it's all the grey outside.

Congrats on the busy week! I'll be dropping by the workroom, so maybe I'll see you there:)

jax said...

There's just something about wood type inked up with gold and silver that makes me drool :)

snap + tumble said...

Jaime - Thxs! No daylight there, but it came out alright.

Daniella - shiny, right? :)

Samantha - Nice! Gold , actually, isn't one of my favorites but it is nice to use in moderation.

Knotted Nest - I think you're right, nice to see a bit of gold through the grey. Hope to see you on Sunday, too!

jax - ah yes, the silver. Just waiting for a special occasion to use that one ;)

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